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HGH Injections : Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH Injections and its Effects

HGH Injections & Supplements

Hormones as we have discussed earlier play significant role in the body. They play important contribution in control of certain body functions including growth. The decrease in the amount of hormone may lead to some serious growth failures. Under such condition you may need to take a hormone injection. In previous post we talked about effects and functions of HGH. In this post you will learn about HGH Injections.

HGH Injections
Human Growth Hormone or HGH Injections

Hormones of different types are needed to control different body functions and physiological processes taking place in our bodies. Certain key processes of the body are controlled by hormones, such processes include:

  • Development as well as growth
  • Metabolism including both anabolic and catabolic reactions
  • Sex drive and adequate sexual functioning
  • Reproductive ability
  • Moods and emotions

Hormones are produced by certain glands which are located at several places in the body. Among these glands, the pituitary is considered to be a master gland as it produces the secretions which control all other hormonal system of the body. It also functions to trigger the most important process in the body, the growth.

The pituitary glands are located at the base of fore-brain which is generally called hypothalamus, when chemical messages are sent to hypothalamus, it responds by secreting hormone.


Human Growth Hormone

Heights, muscle build up, bones make up all are under the direct influence of Human growth hormone which is secreted by pituitary glands. The hormone is to trigger the growth, cellular regeneration in the body.

It is significant to note that the production of growth hormone is variable in different days and different times of a same day. There are some factors which trigger the formation of HGH in the body. These are physical activity, adequate and balanced diet and sleep. When a person is active physically, more HGH is produced in the body. Likewise in a deep sleep, the hormone is produced. Hence, if you want to have optimal values of HGH in the body. The best advice to you is to stay active and work out more.

Slight decline in HGH can affect the body functioning.Too much or too less HGH can cause certain health concerns. Dwarfism is one of the most horrible outcomes in which a person fails to get a good stature.

Effects of HGH Deficiency in Kids:

As we discussed earlier, the deficiency of HGH is likely to cause certain problems. Especially in kids who are at growing age suffer a lot as they fail to get proper stature, and dwarfism is seen normally in the children with low HGH levels. The reason could either be congenital or disturbance in the chemical signals to pituitary glands. The kids suffering from HGH deficiency exhibit some symptoms as they look too younger as compared to their age, chubby bodies, late puberty or adolescence and lack of proper hair growth. Read more about HGH Injections.

HGH Deficiency in Adults:

In adults, HGH can be deficient due to certain damage to the pituitary gland. Pituitary tumor is one of the reasons seen in adults which causes considerable decline in HGH level in the body. The deficiency of HGH in adults can also cause certain troubles like acute anxiety and depression. Other deficiency includes increased fatty deposits on the chest and legs, weakness of heart and bones, lack of ability to think and decide along with some other HGH conditions.

HGH Injections:

When the deficiency of HGH is diagnosed via proper test. The physician is likely to advice some pills or injections which artificially trigger the formation of HGH in the body. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the advanced medical developments. HRT is suggested to the patients with HGH deficiency. Doctor will recommend the dosage required to maintain HGH level in the body. The dose can be as frequent as few days a week to everyday injections of HGH depending on how much the body is deficient in HGH. In any case, doctor will advise frequent medical checkups at his office.

HGH Injections and its Effects
Human Growth Hormone or HGH Injections

Physicians normally ask for blood tests to find out how much high or deficient the hormone is. The HGH treatment therapy helps to improve general fitness and well being and is considered to boost up stamina and strength.

The method of treatment for deficiency in growth hormone is also dependable on certain factors like patient’s age and sex. Also the general fitness and health along with medical history, extent of deficiency if any, body’s tolerance level for certain treatments, choice and affordability of patient.

HGH injections can safely be used to enhance strength and stamina. However sportsmen can also get benefit of HGH injections. When injections are taken, the overall health and fitness is improved.


Risk Factors Associated with HGH injections:

HGH injections if used in excess however can also cause certain discomforts and side effects like:

  • Soreness and aching of muscles.
  • Headaches particularly migraine.
  • Bones and joint pains.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome which is characterized by swelling in hands.

If you are using these injections and suffering from any of the above ailments.You must seek a prompt medical supervision. There are some cases in which HGH injections are not recommended, such conditions include:

  • Tumor or cancerous growth in any body part.
  • Asthma or breathing problems.
  • Multiple injuries and sclerosis.
  • If a person is diabetic, HGH can be used but in this case, proper screening of blood sugar level is required.
  • If a person is suffering from radiation therapy, HGH is not recommended.

Excess of Growth Hormone:

When used in excess and for a long time. HGH injections can result in a condition which is known as acromegaly. In which adults fail to grow taller any further. The excess of HGH in the body can cause thickness of bones whilst their length is shortened.

People suffering from acromegaly are likely to experience some other bone related issues, over growth of bones in hand feet. This may also affect skin and cause it to become thick with dense hair growth. When HGH level is in excess, the heart rate increases and can lead to high blood pressure and cardiac ailments. It is therefore advised to keep a check of your HGH level while taking any HGH injections or supplements to ensure general health and safety. Read More About Human Growth Hormone For Men. If You like this post, comment and subscribe. Thanks.


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