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Everything About Growth Hormone Defieciency

Growth Hormone Deficiency


Human growth hormone is also known as Somatropin and is released by an anterior pituitary gland which acts endocrine in nature and produces the hormone. As we all know that endocrine glands are ductless hence the secretions are poured directly into the bloodstream, the hormone when mixed in blood perform a lot of actions in the body, few of which are keeping energy level of the body high, maintaining cellular regeneration and tissue repair and promoting growth, decreasing fat masses and building up muscle bulk of the body.

The growth hormone perform a lot of tasks in the body, on the other hand, if the hormone gets deficient in the body, it can lead to many harmful consequences. The deficiency can be due to certain problems. Mostly the deficiency of the hormone is caused by problems arising on pituitary glands. Somatropin is actually a polypeptide chain of the hormone with the aim to stimulate growth and cellular regeneration.

The deficiency of growth hormone has a lot of negative impacts on the body and the effects are variable at different age levels, for example, in neonates the main manifestations can be micro penis and hypoglycemia. The same deficiency in toddlers can cause some serious growth failures while as the adult age arrives, the deficiency can become more serious as it can cause poor bone density, a lot of physical weaknesses, loss of memory and lean body mass. Along with these physical symptoms, there are a lot of psychological reactions including poor memory and depression, lack of stamina and poor strength.

The great news for the patients with HGH deficiency is that with the synthetic HGH, the symptoms will fade away soon. The deficiency of growth hormone may be congenital for later acquired in the life. It might be partial or complete. One has to consult an endocrinologist to figure out the deficiency and finding out the best alternative.

Symptoms of HGH deficiency in kids:

In children, the deficiency of HGH may cause certain disastrous outcomes. Some of the most common symptoms are being discussed here.

  • Congenital hypopituitarism which might cause a low rate of fetal growth.
  • Reduced penis size is also seen in the kids when parents suffer from any disorder
  • Exaggerated jaundice with both direct or indirect hyperbilirubinemia
  • The lower rate of growth is the initial symptom of HGH deficiency in the body.
  • Delayed puberty
  • When severe GH deficiency is present from birth and never treated, adult heights can be as short as 48-65 inches (122–165 cm).
  • Slower muscular development so that the kid experiences a problem while standing, walking, jumping etc.
  • Mild to moderate chubbiness.
  • Cherubic facial features characterized by maxillary hypoplasia and a prominent forehead.
  • Frontal recession

HGH deficiency in adults:

Likewise, in adults, there are a number of side effects which are seen when a person suffers from the deficiency of HGH. Some of the main deficiency side effects which is often too prominent include:

  • Enhanced 5 alpha reductase amount.
  • Considerable reduction in sex hormones SHBG
  • Loss of muscle mass and lower strength
  • Baldness and loss of hair in men.
  • The bone density decreases and can result in osteoporosis in adults
  • Lack of energy and vitality
  • Loss of memory and lack of concentration
  • Increases mass of body especially around the hips and waistline
  • The increase in LDL cholesterol and lipid abnormality.
  • Heart diseases due to increased fat mass and disturbance in lipid profile

How is the HGH deficiency diagnosed?

HGH is easily diagnosed by measuring the level of hormone in the blood. Hence blood test for HGH is usually recommended. Most of the doctors recommend blood tests for the determination of HGH level in the body. Physicians, therefore, use a combination of indirect and direct criteria the evaluation of growth hormone in the body. This includes:

  • Defined body movements grouped under auxologic criteria
  • IGF levels can be determined by using single drop measurements. This is indirect hormone criteria.
  • The simplest and direct method, however, is the collection of a drop of blood and then evaluating it for the presence of HGH and its quantity in the taken sample. This is known as direct hormonal criteria. This direct method has some advantages like;
    • Subnormal growth hormone secretion as a result of two stimuli
    • The amplitude of growth hormone peaks when the sample gets older like after passing several hours.
    • After few days of treatment with growth hormone, the level of IGF1 increases in the blood as well.
    • The response to the treatment of growth hormone.

When the physician knows that hormone is deficient in the body, he will also suggest the recommended treatment which generally involves the administration of HGH in the body either in the form of pills. There are certain agents that are used to stimulate the production of HGH in the body naturally; the initial step taken towards the treatment is the administration of these boosters like clonidine, arginine, propranolol, insulin, and glucagon etc.

In the life cycle of a man from childhood to adulthood, the doctor who will diagnose HGH deficiency will also look for some other features which are generally seen accompanying the evidence of hyperpituitarism.

Growth Hormone Deficiency
Growth Hormone Deficiency

The best solution to the treatment of HGH deficiency is the uptake of hormone; these hormones are generally present in the form of oral sprays, pills, injections and infusions etc. only a physician can recommend the right dose so that one can take HGH without any complications.

The deficiency of Human growth hormone is a serious condition for the body, hence if you feel any symptom as described above, don’t delay, talk to your health care provider for diagnosis and early treatment. The best HGH supplements are available in different forms and you can easily get over the weakness and other body concerns. HGH supplements prescribed by the doctors will not only increase body vitality but also they are known significant to maintain your youthful look. This is the reason why these supplements are in high demand in the market.

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